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Poder uses campaigns to strategically advance a wide range of issue.

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taking on the city budget

In the start of 2018, we learned that the Phoenix city budget was planning to even further expand its expenditures on policing….


May 22, 2018: We turn out for the 3rd time to the City Council meeting. Council members get heated about whether the budget process is truly accountable to the people who participate in it. Council votes to approve budget without adding community demands.

May 8, 2018: City Manager publishes a revised budget that admits our demands were requested more often than anything else and yet does not include funding for either fund. We turn out to City Council meeting to give public comment that we are disappointed that the process is so easily ignored when the people requesting are of color.

April 17, 2018: Youth Budget Hearing

April 11, 2018: Maryvale Budget Hearing


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freedom phoenix

The Freedom Phoenix Campaign is the effort of # of organizations in Phoenix Arizona.

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Bazta Arpaio

The Bazta Arpaio campaign was an effort of # of organizations and community members to rid Maricopa County of Joe Arpaio.